Frequently Asked Questions


What search committees need to know

How many units do you manage?

This is a question asked frequently by Trustees or Search Committees when seeking new management. The question is derived from a Google Search of questions to ask when seeking management. The problem is the answer to this question was posted by large companies that created a list of questions and answers that point search committees directly to the make-up of their own companies. The inference is that the more properties a company manages, the better they must be. This is not the case. Large companies also transition a lot of properties that are not satisfied with their service. Yet, they backfill the loss quickly. It has been noted, would you rather leave your child at a large pool with hundreds of kids and a couple lifeguards or a smaller pool with several life guards? Larger companies generally seek revenue from as many sources as possible within a condominium association. Smaller companies seek long term relationships and timely customer service.

Can we keep our current vendors/contractors?

Absolutely! One of our first tasks is to identify which contractors Board’s prefer and have done great work for their property. They can stay. Trustees are also asked which vendors/contractors they would like to change. In short, if a service is doing a great job, they stay and if not, they go (with the approval of the Board).

How do we pay our condo fees/apartment rent?

We have several ways to send in fees.

  1. Pay on line with your own password.
  2. Mail to the bank directly.
  3. Mail to our office and we will scan to the condo’s account.
  4. Drop check to the office.

Can we call for contractor referrals even if it does not apply to “common” property or association involvement?

Of course! We know finding a qualified contractor can be challenging. We are happy to assist.

Do you supervise large projects?

Yes. We work with Architects, Contractors, Boards and Homeowners to complete large building projects, internet installations, developer transitions, bank loans and complicated legal matters. Our goal is to source funding, seek competitive quotes, execute contracts and complete projects on time and on budget.

How do we contact you?

We have a central number that directs your call to the appropriate person. If owners prefer email, we are happy to accommodate replies in that manner.

Do you settle homeowner disputes?

Yes. We have thirty years of case history to help resolve some of the more complicated neighbor disputes from pets to pools to parking. We generally already know the solution at the time of presentation of the issue.

Do you have quality contractors for our property?

After thirty years, we have well vetted the resources for contractors, attorneys, insurance agents, architects, plumbers, engineers, electricians, drain and emergency companies. We prefer to work with time proven professionals we/you can count on when needed.

How soon can you transition a property from our current management company to NextGen?

We have a standard process that is very effective and timely for transition. We provide the Board with a letter to present to their current company. This is followed by an introduction letter to owners informing them of the transition and dates to expect new information and fee deposits. We contact all your vendors and change mailing addresses and collect their certificates of insurance and tax information. This is followed by a verification of condo fee balances and an opportunity for owners to verify their balances moving forward. The Board is kept informed during the process. A full transition can happen within a week.