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You can choose a full management program or just the services that your property needs or can afford.

Custom Website

We will design and facilitate the needs of your specific condo association by creating a personalized web site with all the information that you see as pertinent and necessary.

Real Estate & Mortgage Financial Management

Real Estate Rentals: We will find renters for investor units and notify all new tenants of the rules and regulations.

Real Estate Sales: Who better to sell your home than the company that knows everything about your property? Your property will be aggressively marketed through all the most effective real estate channels.

Mortgage Finance: Who better to finance the sale/purchase of your property than the person that knows everything about your home. We will navigate each buyer and seller through the mandatory condo paper work process of 6(d) forms, Fannie/FHA Approval forms, fire inspections and insurance requirements. We will facilitate an easy transaction from signed offer to the closing table. We also have the lowest interest rates and closing costs with our affiliate lender. Ask your manager for details.

Foreclosure: We will prepare a condo/apartment/property for auction or sale.

Financial, Planning, Property Management & Services

Accounts Receivable and Payable Program: Collect and Deposit fees, pay invoices and report. Accounts Receivable will be monitored and collected as per the legal requirements of your State Law.

Full Financial Reporting: Financial Statements will be presented for review by the Trustees monthly, quarterly and annually. Final review by CPA (Third Party).

Budget Preparation: Every line item will go under the microscope and will be put to bid annually. The status quo is not acceptable.

Maintenance Management: Homeowners will be able to fill out a request on line and it will be instantly emailed to your property manager. Careful attention to detail will be monitored by property inspections and contractor over-sight.

Property Services: Painting, carpentry, repairs, plumbing, electric, roofing, etc.

Reserve Planning: Careful future reserve planning will be a coordinated effort between management, property owners engineers and Board of Trustees.

Transitions & Audits

Developer to Owner Transition: Create database, conduct final review of property and components, coordinate warrantee items and final objectives of unit owners. Act as liaison between Developer, Engineer, Owners, Contractors and Attorneys.

Management Company to Management Company Transition: Conduct audit review (third party) of books and coordinate seamless transition of operation

Set Your Association Up For Success

Your condominium is a home, a business and a moving target of value, repair and reputation.

NextGen Property Management of New England can help you address all of these areas:

Accounting Services

As with our property management service, you will have the confidence of knowing that your financial records are up to date, available and accurate.

Small associations are welcome to hire us on an accounting only program.

We realize that it is very important to keep the Manager, Trustee and Accountant in the same timely knowledge loop.

Accounts Receivable is carefully monitored and reported.

Our “under the microscope” approach to budget development has saved associations thousands of dollars.

Our transition team has made the process of management company change a seamless transaction.

Maintenance and Renovation Services

Our unique maintenance awareness process allows the Board or property owner to take an active real time role in the monthly repair of the property through quick shot pictures and videos of problem areas that are sent by email for approval and reporting. As a result, Board meetings are not an endless re-enactment of the previous month. Instead, a quick re-cap is possible with a concentration on forward thinking projects. We discourage “quick caulking” fixes that devaluate a property over time. Well thought long term solutions and proper product selection and quality installation is preferred.