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History and Company Philosophy

“A well informed condo owner is a happy condo owner. Communicate, communicate, communicate…always”.

Our founder began his career as an Accountant for a large Boston commercial property management company in the 1980’s. While reporting the financial statements for shopping malls, commercial and residential developments, a desire was created to move from the sanctum of the inner office to the actual sites where all the activity occurred. Soon the Accountant became a Manager. The winning combination of number cruncher and hands on Manager led to recognition by Community Association Institute for Managing the “Property of the Year” in 1994 in the 150 to 499 Unit category. Once again, realizing that Property Management needed to advance in step with new technology and communication tools, a program was established to provide instant feed back and save important documentation for future property owners and Trustees. The “Continuous Dialogue” between manager, property owners and clients was born.

Soon, renovation, maintenance, lending and brokerage services were added with a focus on quality. In addition to property management, community service and support for the small business owner was also important. The founder was nominated and served a term on the Newburyport Harbor Commission and was also an original member of the Seacoast Chain Gang which is a business networking group whose initiative is to support and promote local small business owners. Today, NextGen Property Management of New England is a service driven company with quality and a value added belief system as their primary goals.